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What We Do
For me, "coach" is less a title and more a way of being and approach to the relational process and liberatory partnership that inspires people and groups to maximize their personal and professional potential.


Scrap learning describes the wasteland of learning that is delivered but unsuccessfully applied on the job.

How much is scrap learning costing your organization?
new knowledge, while helpful, is insufficient.

Education & Training

It’s time to break the cycle of canned, sit-and-get training events. Our learning journeys focus on developing practices and behaviors based on awareness of self, others, and the systems. We strive to engage the whole person – head, heart, and hands – towards living, learning and leading in more conscious, courageous, and compassionate ways.


Any significant shift in culture or performance demands change.  Yet, time and time again change efforts fail to yield tangible results. 


Because we fail to appreciate the profound transformation required of everyone when we try to reinvent and renovate the organization to leverage diversity for breakthrough performance.

Organizations do not transform – people do.

In business, nearly every problem is a people problem. We employ a unique blend of assessments and tools to prevent and treat the people-related issues that can tear at the fabric of an organization. Ineffective leadership, team dysfunction, misalignment, turnover and toxicity drain morale and erode performance.

It is your job as a leader to minimize people problems and optimize talent so you can achieve your objectives. It is our job to help you:

Talent Optimization

Talent optimization is a four-part discipline that provides leaders with a framework and tools to design culture, roles, and teams for optimal results.
power your People strategy

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What needs drive you?

The PI Behavioral Assessment is a scientifically validated behavioral assessment that accurately predicts workplace behavior. Join the thousands of businesses and millions of people around the globe who use this EFPA-certified behavioral assessment to understand the unique behavioral needs and drives that make people work.

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